Some Membership Thoughts

Goal: Increase IAIP Membership Numbers

"The call for new ideas to increase membership has gone out more than once, so I dug into my membership notes and sorted them into five piles.  Then I compressed those piles into five 'elevator pitches.'  I hope they inspire debate.  If elected to the IAIP Board I would be honored to explore membership growth possibilities like..."

It's The "I" In IAIP
To become bigger we must think bigger.  If we're running dry for membership opportunities in the U.S. then let's look abroad.  The first "I" in IAIP stands for International so I suggest we create a plan to make deeper and more extensive inroads to insurance workers and their groups in other countries.  When was the last time IAIP reached out formally to members in Canada, Mexico or India and asked how we can help?  What do they need that we can provide?  How can IAIP be more attractive to potential members in their own countries?  These would be the first steps to increasing our international footprint which in turn would lead to increasing our membership long term.

Give Immigrating Insurance Workers A Path And A Hand
People who work insurance in foreign countries migrate to the U.S. daily.  Some of them want to continue their insurance careers into the U.S. but don't know how to begin.  At border entry, immigrants are given printed materials in multiple languages... how to get established in America, what to do, where to call for what, etc.  Let's get IAIP listed in those materials.  Start the project by contacting U.S. Immigration or the U.S. Govt. Printing Office in Pueblo, Colorado.
"Want to learn and be successful in the U.S. insurance industry?  Start with IAIP.  They speak insurance."

Partner With The Toolmakers
Before we study for our first designation we learn the online tools... Sagita/AMS for example.  These tools are the only things we all have in common before considering industry education.  This is precisely where IAIP needs to be seen.  So let's meet with our toolmakers.  Maybe they're searching for new and meaningful places to advertise inside the industry like we are.  Suggest linking partnerships or advertising exchanges.  Is a link to IAIP on your software's help page worth placing an ad poster outside of certain classes?  Is it worth ad mentions on online class intro and exit screens?  Let's find out.

Learn From AARP's Success
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has a huge membership and is very successful primarily because they start member recruitment when Americans are qualified to join (at age 50).  How do they know everyone's exact age?  AARP says it amasses (buys) birthdates from “companies that specialize in providing information to direct marketers.”  Those companies also offer compiled U.S. Census data, like who identifies as being part of the insurance industry.  One data-buy could lead to broad yet targeted email membership campaigns that last for years.  Rinse and repeat when affordable.

Create A YouTube Channel For IAIP
Video is hands down the most popular and effective way to reach people on the Internet, and a majority of all videos are found in YouTube Channels.  Let's attract the next generation of members by demonstrating our modern thinking, educational value and social fun via videos on the world's largest video platform.  A thirty second video on our own YouTube Channel will sell membership more strongly than a website link in an email.  Would you be more inspired by watching "Successful Conventioning In Texas" or by reading about it?
"Thanks for watching The IAIP Channel on YouTube.  Like what you see?  Want to know more or get involved?  Subscribe to follow.  Check out the IAIP website, or contact a local association near you.