Charity Participation

Volunteering Works

"I was recently lucky enough to be employed by an unusually civic minded,  philanthropic insurer.  After vigorous volunteering and considerable committee work I became Chair of the Charity Board and was introduced into the World Of Corporate Charity.  I ran an active team and together we coordinated our company's charitable choices and disbursements.  It was a time of many meetings.

"I want your vote for IAIP International Secretary.  Listed below I offer my credentials in the career charitable work category."

Martha Elliott, CIIP, CIC, ANFI, CISR
President, IAOSKC
Director Of Education, IAIP Region V

Martha Elliott's

Career Charitable Involvement Highlights

"So a short list of plainly stated principles can inspire thousands of strangers to creatively cooperate and be neighborly - in this heat - for seven days?  That's much better than a list of rules.  When I get back home I want to kick this idea around with the association."

- Martha camping in the desert, 2012