Martha Elliott's
Candidate Endorsement Letters

Angie Sullivan
Past International President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)
Insurance Professionals of Lincoln, Inc.

It is my pleasure to recommend Martha Elliott for the office of International Secretary.  I have known Martha for over 13 years and during this time we have developed a solid professional and personal relationship.  Martha has been my assistant and support in many developmental opportunities, and I valued her knowledge, expertise, and skills.

Martha has displayed, time over time her creative side, as well as her abilities as a communicator, writer, and educator.  She has the knack of being able to translate technical and complex information into clear, relatable content.  Martha has used her knowledge of insurance and business acumen to facilitate programs, workshops, and webinars and is able to speak to issues and content of our association intellectually because of her knowledge and intuitiveness of the insurance industry.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Martha has many personal qualities that are well suited for leadership and IAIP’s executive office.  Martha naturally falls into the role of a "Go To" person.  She is the type of person we all need and use when situations become a challenge to navigate.  Martha is not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore.  She is committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires others to strive for the same.  In short, Martha is a visionary, a trusted advisor and educator of knowledge and skills... which are necessary qualities for IAIP leadership.

On a personal note... Martha brings humor into her day-to-day routine and is always friendly, open and positive.  Martha is my recommendation for International Secretary.  A role and honor that I believe she is suited for and is well deserving of. 

Thank you for your time.

Margaret Wildi
Past International President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)
Current Member-At-Large, Region III

It is my honor to endorse Martha Elliott as a candidate for International Secretary.  I have witnessed a shy new member evolve into a very active and engaged member who believes in all that IAIP stands for.  She respects the contributions of each and every member and will listen to their needs.  Martha will work collaboratively with the entire board of directors, and IAIP staff, to achieve success for the association as a whole.

Kristina Donaldson
Past Region VI Vice President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)

Martha is an excellent candidate for IAIP International Secretary.  She is dedicated to developing IAIP as a whole and to supporting its members.  She recognizes the challenges in our organization and sees them as opportunities for positive change.  From the local to the Regional level and beyond, she has given her time and talent to champion this organization, while also pursuing her own insurance education.  She is a mentor who will acknowledge both teaching and learning moments.

Martha will represent IAIP with enthusiasm and has my unlimited support.  Vote for M.E.

Linda Luka
Past International President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)

Martha Elliott is a great asset to IAIP.  Her willingness to jump in to help, listen, and offer ideas and suggestions makes her an excellent choice as IAIP secretary.  Although her colorful hair may raise concern, I encourage you to look past her individuality and see the real Martha.  She is thoughtful, interested in hearing other opinions and then considers what is best for the good of IAIP.  Her time on the board convinced me of her qualifications and dedication.

I support Martha for IAIP Secretary.

L. Jane Densch
Past International President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)

Martha’s campaign website (https://voteforme.info) relays not only aspects of her insurance career and IAIP involvement but also her vision for the future of IAIP.  As she shared in 2015 - “Change inspires me.  There are opportunities everywhere.”  She clearly has a focus for the future of IAIP to continue to embrace change, increase recognition of IAIP within the industry and strengthen the appeal of membership.  

Martha is a great communicator - listening, thinking and sharing ideas.  She has a realistic view of challenges and is good at gaining the support of others needed in organizing a strategy to meet the challenges.  She is always welcoming and fun to chat with!

I am honored to endorse Martha’s candidacy for International Secretary.  She is qualified and dedicated to IAIP.  IAIP will benefit from her service in this position and as she moves through the chairs.

Gayla Martin
Past Region V Vice President
International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP)
Insurance Professionals of Lincoln, Inc.

I have known Martha Elliott for many years.  Since our first regional conference for the former IAIP Region VII in Kansas City where Martha and I were first timers - we have been friends.  I  have watched her grow in our association as well as the insurance industry.  She is a knowledgeable and confident insurance professional.

On the Board of Directors as Regional Vice President of Region VII in 2016, she showed all of us that she could be an effective leader and make tough decisions.  She effectively communicated to the members the reasons for a realignment of Regions.  She also showed members the benefits the merging of Regions VII and V would provide to all of us.  Her leadership in aiding the transition of the Regional merger was pivotal to our association.

I know that Martha is dependable, honest, courteous, and responsible.  I know she serves in many roles within IAIP as well as other organizations.  I know that she embraces Insurance and Leadership education - this exemplifies the mission and vision of IAIP.

I can confidently recommend Martha Elliott for the 2023 International Secretary of the International Association of Insurance Professionals.